The Groups experience as a student of ICT 2013


My experience as a student of ICT 2013 was rather interesting. Firstly, the class was informative with the help of my tutor Mr. Fraser. He made sure that his students understood what should be done with every task that was given. I Anthony Spence had a general understanding of the course being that I have done various Information technology courses before along with trying new things on my own during my spare time. Being an ICT 2013 student at this institution (Moneague College) was also very entertaining to me. Some of my classmates are as clueless as a new born baby where computing is concerned and I had fun going around and help them to complete their task.  There were some days when I would just laugh at them in a jokingly way because I personally thought that being in a technology savvy world, they should know a few things and not be blank completely. Being the jovial person that I am, it was not an issue for them to be laughed at by me. This allowed them to ease the tension of getting panic and trying to do the assigned task that’s given. However, there were still a few areas that were new to me and with the introduction of this course; I was able to gain new knowledge that will help me in the future.


The website creation process was very difficult in the beginning. I was unable to successfully complete the process on my on my own. However with the help of my group members and instructions from my lecturer, Mr. Fraser, I was able to understand and complete the process. This course overall was a very interesting, fun and inspiring one. I learnt a lot and was able to apply my knowledge through a variety of activities.


For one semester, my class at Moneague College had to take on the information technology course, I.C.T. Because I am a wiz at computers and I had prior experience of document preparation in high school, I thought this course would be a ‘walk in the park’ but little did I know what horrors laid ahead.

Because this course is one that consisted of only course work, we had no exams to worry about which I was very much grateful for. My luck then began to change as the layers of the course began to peel back, small portions at a time. The further we went into the semester, the more hectic the workload got and the more demanding the assignments became. It was an overall stressful and time-consuming experience and did not live up to my low expectations.

Though it was stressful, some good did come from my experience in my I.C.T. class. It taught me not to underestimate my challenges and to work hard on my assignments, no matter its level of difficulty.


Doing this ICT course was a giant challenge on behalf of me, in many ways, first of all i didn’t understand much concerning computers. Thus i had difficulties understanding the languages of technology, but I had group members WHO facilitate me. Currently i will say I am additional equipped to use the computer, I will use the ability purpose and do marvellous things. Throughout this course I actually have gain a huge quantity of information that may will a lifetime.


Introduction to computer technology course was very challenging for me.
At first I wasn’t able to master the skills,but with the help of  some of my classmates
and the determination I have within me to be successful I overcame those obstacles.
Now, I have learnt so much I am now ready and willing to help or give back to anyone who needs a helping hand.
Sir the challenge was worth it!!

The website creation process

The task of creating a website was very much straight forward for me (group leader). However, this thought was not equally shared among other members of the group. With the lack of understanding and knowledge of how to navigate the use of the internet, it was a bit challenge for some.

The Usefulness of youtube in the classroom

The usefulness of you tube in the classroom especially in today’s society is very important. It’s matured into one of the biggest educational resource content ever. In separate and apart from those student that can be taught best with the use of visual aid, you tube can enhance a whole experience of a subject area. It can spark lively discussions by showing students a video relevant to their lives. They will be eager to talk about what is being shown and force students to consider a new viewpoint. You tube also allows you to capture and save projects which can be used by another set of student in the future or refer back to them year after year. It can also encourage users to dig deeper into research and enhance presentations by using video clips from the website. These videos from you tube can help both struggling and advance students to understand various subjects to improve their strength and weaknesses.